Remember These 5 Critical Things Before You Consider Opting For IVF

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

It’s the dream of many parents to conceive a child, but sometimes conception is hard due to problems regarding infertility. Fortunately, for many couples, reproductive medicine has advanced to help fertility concerns and achieve pregnancies. One such advancement is IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation.

IVF has a lot of success stories, which is why couples tend to jump into treatment without being entirely prepared or having done proper research.

We at Khushi Fertility do not want you to make any decision in haste, which is why here are five things you should consider before opting for IVF.

1. Understand Your Goal And Be Prepared For The Worst

You and your partner must discuss and understand the journey you are going to begin. Since this journey is a long one, there are times when things may seem hopeless, which is why you and your partner need to remind each other of your final goal and keep lifting each other’s spirits.

The journey will be much easier if you conduct proper research into what IVF is and what the treatment involves. Don’t worry, your doctor will guide you through the treatment, but it is helpful to know beforehand.

You will also realize that infertility treatment doesn’t only involve IVF, but other forms of treatment too. Sometimes, despite trying your best, things may not work, so always be prepared for the worst.

2. Choose The Right IVF Clinic

It is important to read up on the clinic you will be going to for treatment. There are protocols set by the Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR) and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE); make sure to choose a centre that complies with these guidelines.

Once you decide on the clinic, do make enquiries regarding the costs required for each step of the treatment, the procedure that will be used, the number of embryos that will be transferred, chances of multiple pregnancies and much more. See to it that your doctor elaborates on the procedure that will be used.

Know what will happen to the embryos that haven’t been used, as they can be frozen for future use, which will effectively reduce the cost of IVF treatment for future cycles. Also, be prepared for risks and complications from donor eggs, sperm or embryos or a surrogate.

The important thing is to choose a proper centre, and then a proper doctor who will leave no questions unanswered. Begin your journey with a clear head and zero confusion.

3. Assess Lifestyle And Nutrition

It is important to keep your body healthy when you’re preparing for IVF treatment. The chances of success are higher when you implement a few lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, exercising, avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol and much more.

Make sure to avoid trans fats, highly processed foods, and hydrogenated oils. And though there is no evidence to suggest that being obese could ruin your chances, it is better to keep your weight in check if you’re overweight or increase your BMI if you are underweight, as it is said to be beneficial for both you and the child.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid stress, as too much stress could impair fertility.

4. Be Prepared To Experience Side Effects

One of the steps involved in an IVF treatment is being treated with different hormones to induce ovulation. These hormones tend to cause certain side effects, both physically and mentally.

Regarding physical side effects, you may notice that you may experience bloating, pressure or cramping in the pelvic region, tenderness in the breasts, and minor discomfort from the fertility injections. There are cases where some women have made too many eggs due to hyperstimulation from fertility drugs.

Besides that, you may experience symptoms like weight gain, cramping, dizziness, nausea, vomiting etc.

It is important to contact your doctor as soon as you begin facing these symptoms to make changes in the treatment plan (only if needed).

5. Be Patient and Trust Your Doctor

As mentioned before, IVF is a long procedure, which would require a lot of patience from your side. You must be able to trust your doctor and their team. Make sure to cooperate with the schedule set by the doctor and never miss any appointments. IVF involves quite an investment which is why you should consider it seriously and avoid any lapses if possible.

I hope you shall consider the above factors before beginning an IVF treatment. Khushi Fertility will welcome you as a part of our family and assure you of the best treatment available.


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