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Trusted Partner Offering The Best Chance At Conception

Khushi is committed to being your go-to fertility expert to bring true happiness in your life

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Khushi Fertility & IVF Centre

Khushi Fertility and IVF Centre is India's leading, most advanced world-class ART facility offering a comprehensive range of services with customized treatment protocols based on individual needs.

At Khushi, an expert medical team of fertility specialists, surgeons, and full-time embryologists work round the clock, integrating compassionate care with clinical brilliance. Our team understands patient challenges and adopt a result-oriented treatment approach to create miracles and bring joy to everyone

Fertility-enhancing procedures and treatment therapies for both men and women that act as a catalyst, removing obstacles and often boosting success rates

Gives women, men, and children an important chance for the future, if they are at risk of losing their fertility because of any reason such as pathologies, cancer or delay in finding a partner 

To help couples achieve the goal of parenthood when the underlying cause of infertility is unexplained or the condition cannot be treated or cured without taking undue risks

To provide a holistic approach to medicine by incorporating yoga, diet, and acupuncture to boost success rates as well as providing access to safe treatments for other health conditions that do not interfere with fertility and conception

Our Services

Khushi Fertility & IVF Centre

Our practice’s core beliefs make Khushi the right choice for you

What makes Khushi the most trusted fertility centre among others in India and overseas?

At Khushi, there is no compromise on quality; 360-degree care is taken from procurement of materials for IVF, the tip of the ovum pickup needle to the tip of the embryo transfer catheter, to the world's best available media and consumables, keeping in mind the patient safety and success rate.

Khushi prides itself in being ethical, providing world-class infrastructure, and maintaining the highest level of service quality across all procedures. Regular clinical audits are undertaken to ensure compliance with all quality standards.

At Khushi Fertility & IVF Centre, we commit to providing the most comprehensive experience for all our patients:

  • Khushi is the FIRST IVF Centre in India to import from IVF-Tech Denmark, the ICSI micromanipulator incorporated in the laminar hood itself 

  • Continuity of Care by dedicating one fertility expert for all your procedures

  • Khushi will NOT compromise on patient care: We provide the most superior quality culture media to grow your precious embryos, ensuring better outcomes


We do not push all couples towards IVF

There is transparency in all interactions with patients and we strongly believe in prescribing procedures only when necessary.


At Khushi, we focus on the diagnosis and identifying the root cause that is hindering conception. If an infertility problem can be solved using simpler, non-invasive, and inexpensive procedures, we often prescribe that method to make sure that the patient has minimal discomfort.


We promise personalized care & prompt access to our services

Our consultations are unrushed and you get to spend a lot more time with your doctor than other clinics. At Khushi, the focus is on a comprehensive assessment and this helps the doctor get a deeper understanding of your case. A nuanced diagnosis enables a personalized treatment protocol that doubles your chances of success.


Our team stays in touch with patients every day of the year, including holidays.

About Khushi


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Compassion to the core

Best clinical expertise

Evidence- based Ethical practice

Highest success rates

Our ART facility - Behind the scenes

Our ART facility : Behind the scenes

A FIRST OF ITS KIND in India, Khushi has designed a state of the art ultra-clean closed system for optimizing embryo development

Our Expert Panel of Doctors

Our expert panel of doctors have honed their skills and knowledge from some of the best hospitals worldwide and their insights, experience, and clinical brilliance help manage even the most complex cases, leading to a high success rate and joy for our patients. At Khushi, the team of fertility specialists are meticulously picked, bringing with them a wide range of clinical experience, expertise and they work very hard to realize the patient's dream of becoming parents in a stress-free environment.

Our Panel of Doctors

Khushi is a one-stop solution for IVF and pregnancy. Anything related to IVF is possible under one roof at Khushi with the most advanced facility, equipment, media, personnel, and technological expertise.

Dr. Rashmi Yogish_April 2020.png

Dr. Rashmi Yogish

Lead IVF Consultant

Founder, Medical Director  & Chief Consultant Reproductive Medicine


MBBS, MS (OBG), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Fertility specialist, Sonologist, Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic surgeon 


Dr. Abdul


Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgery

Dr. Vandana.png

Dr. Vandana



Dr. Yogish.png

Dr. Yogish Vijaya Kumar

Orthopaedic Surgeon for Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Praveen Joshi.png

Dr. Praveen


Uro Andrologist 

Anusha Embryologist.png

Ms. Anusha




Ms. Debasmita Basak



Ms. Evelyn



Neethi Embryologist.png

Ms. Neeti



Abraham andrologist.png

Mr. Abraham Christopher

Reproductive Biologist 


Ms. Harshini R.

Reproductive Biologist

Dr. Kafi Bora.png

Dr. Kafi Bora

Fetal Medicine

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Dr. Harsha H.

Radio Diagnosis & Uro Andro Scan

Dr Smita Rao.png

Dr. Smita Rao

Dietician & Counsellor 


Ms. Sucheta

Dietician & Counsellor 

At Khushi Fertility & IVF Center, we are giving an opportunity to pursue an 18-month long

Post-doctoral fellowship in reproductive medicine, in affiliation to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka 


"Thank you so much for giving me hope and making my dreams come true. Our little girl is a miracle and wouldn’t have been possible without your knowledge and care. Thank you Dr. Rashmi Yogish for your positive understanding, encouragement and compassion. Keep up the awesome work. I highly recommend you to those that are expecting a miracle."

Jaishree Venkatesan
Happy Mother


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