There are some operative and diagnostic procedures for both men and women that act as a catalyst, removing roadblocks/obstacles to achieving success. We call these fertility-enhancing procedures and treatment as Therapies, often boosting success rates. At Khushi, our Diagnostic and Operative procedures to correct anatomical abnormalities for female and advanced sperm extraction procedures for male

We combine cutting edge scientific research and techniques with our unique network of fertility experts having diverse expertise across multiple disciplines to treat both male and female factors contributing to infertility. ​The Key elements of Enhance at Khushi includes:

  • PRP Therapy for better implantation chances, Laser-assisted hatching, Blastocyst Culture for improving success rates.
  • Corrective Urogynaec surgeries to correct uterine abnormalities in women such as Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.
  • Advanced semen processing techniques as Micro-fluidic technology and MACS for men.
  • Sperm retrieval techniques such as TESA, PESA and micro-TESE for men and uro-andrology surgeries for example, for varicocele.